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HD High Definition (HD) is a patented technology allows the transformation of textures and colors into crisp high definition. Find out more

Eyeglasses OKIA optical provides end-to-end solutions for design and production of fashion eyewear with an emphasis on innovation. Find out more

Display As part of OKIA's 360 degree service offering we design and produce eyewear image counters, showcases and retailer interiors that are tailor made for each collection or range. Find out more

Logistics Our in house supply chain management team will ensure that your products reach the destination on time and within budget. Find out more

Incredible Success for OKIA at MIDO 2015

Colour, creativity and passion: these are the ingredients of the extraordinary success registered at MIDO Eyewear Show by OKIA, with its innovation, original and always surprising products.

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Partnership in Serving the Community 2014

OKIA is pleasure to receive the “Partnership in Serving the Community 2014” certificate by The Caritas Hong Kong, in recognition to our effort of social work services.

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Partner Employer Award 2014/15

OKIA is honored to be granted the “Partner Employer Award” by The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business, in recognition to business companies which demonstrate their corporate responsibility by hiring graduates of local technical institutes and universities, giving such graduates training opportunities and practical work experience so that they may learn and develop professionalism and positive working attitudes while bringing to enterprises a new approach to help them with long term personnel planning.

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