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#Make The World Better

This Eyewear is made from Water Bottle

We make the world better

One Eyewear At A Time

Riding on OKIA’s core value of “Makes you look better”, we built our foundation to guide ourselves towards the sustainable future of eyewear.

We love our planet and are committed to building our businesses in an eco-friendly and socially responsible manner. By embracing creativity and respecting government laws, we endeavor to provide environmental-friendly solutions and products for our people and planet.

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Blue Waters

We are developing a more sustainable future of eyewear.



Billion of water bottles were used in the US per year


Do You Know The Fact?

Most bottled water comes from places with limited water supplies, like California. Nestle even created a water shortage in Pakistan.

Sea Pollution

Stop Killing The Planet With Water Bottles

Share this website to spread the word about the dangers of disposable containers


1.1 million

Plastic waste (including plastic bottles) washes into the ocean and kills

marine creatures annually

We Have The Power to Change The World Let's Make The World Better



This eyewear is made from water bottle


Bio Lens

Bio Lens is made of bio degradable polymer which can be naturally biodegraded into landfills and oceans, leaving carbon, H2O, and organic matter


Bio Plastics

Bio Plastics is crystal clear decomposable polymer which can be naturally broken into carbon, water, and bio mass in landfill and ocean


Bio Polybag

Bio Polybag is an eco-friendly and biodegradable plastic eyewear bag, which naturally breaks down after five years


A Small Change In One Person Affect The Ecology Of The Entire World

Plastic Polluted Ocean

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